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Ethiopia, the largest and most populated country in the Horn of Africa is the second state in the world (after Armenia) who adopted Christianity as a state religion. The land of the is the second state in the world (after Armenia) who adopted Christianity as a state religion. The land of the former kingdom of the mysterious Queen of Saba (Sheba), Ethiopia is a beautiful country blessed with a peerless history, amazing wildlife and some of Africa’s most soulful peoples. Ethiopia’s history is lost in legends with the biblical aura. Ethiopia’s unique cultural heritage, rich history and remarkable biodiversity are reflected in a tally of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ethiopia is an impressive country: has got the sights, the scenery, wonderful peoples, an ancient culture and waits you to visit it!

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Fast Facts

Name: Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia)

Capital: Addis Ababa

Location: State in Eastern Africa, west of Somalia

Main towns: Mekelle, Gondar, Adama, Hawassa, Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa

Currency: Birr – ETB

Timezone: UTC +3 (EAT)

Tipping: Tipping is more common in Ethiopia than in other East African countries, but there aren’t any rules for how much you are supposed to tip. We don’t recommend allowing random people on the street to help you, they might run off with your stuff.

However, if a hotel employee or someone who works with a tour company helps you carry your stuff you can give them 10-20 Birr (30-60 cents). If someone carries your bags on a trek, you can give them a 60 Birr (2 USD) tip per day. Porter: 10 birr (0.35 USD) per piece of luggage. Small services: 20-30 birr (1.00 USD). Most meals at small Ethiopian restaurants cost between 30-60 Birr (1-2 USD); most waiters and waitresses are entirely dependent on tips, 5-10 Birr (20-40 cents) would be a very generous tip.
Some tours only last a few hours, others last for multiple days. For a half day tour we suggest tipping the guide 100 Birr (3.3 USD) and for a multiple day tour tip the guide 200 Birr (6.6 USD) per group per day.

Voltage: Network parameters: 220 V / 50 Hz; C, F, G socket is used, you need adapters.

Why visit Ethiopia

Ethiopian Christian mythology claims that the Holy Ark in which the tables of Moses’ law are kept were brought to Ethiopia by Menelik, the son of Solomon and Queen of Saba, and are kept in the church of St. Mary – Mother of God in Axum.
The original population of this area was originally Semitic; the Axumite language became the sacred liturgical language, in which the Old and New Testaments are written, and where the services of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church take place. Here are some further reasons you should visit this country:

  • Addis Ababa
  • Simien Mountains
  • Gondar
  • Lalibela
  • Aksum
  • Lake Tana

When to visit Ethiopia

Addis Abada

     Average Temperature

      Average Rainfall

Popular Ethiopia attractions

Places to visit
Addis Ababa
Simien Mountains
Lake Tana

Addis Ababa In the Amharic language, Āddīs Ābebā means “white flower”. It is situated at almost 3,000 metres altitude, at mountain Entoto’s base. Addis Abeba is a contrasting city, the fourth-largest city in Africa. Also, Addis is the diplomatic capital of Africa. Famous for its museums and tasty food, this is a place you shouldn’t skip while visiting Ethiopia.

Simien Mountains Simien National Park is a scenery that will take your breath away. It’s a World Heritage Site, part of the Ethiopian Highlands. It’s one of the fewest places in Africa where snow falls regularly. Back in history, Semien used to mean “south”, although these mountains are situated in the North. The explanation is that they are South of Aksum, the centre of the Ethiopian civilization.  

Lalibela Lalibela its famous rock-cut monolithic churches make it one of the most important sites of pilgrimage in Africa. It is considered to be the holiest spot in Ethiopia after Aksum, and it’s home to the biggest Christian-Orthodox community in Africa. Four groups of churches, carved in the “living rock” make Lalibela an important mystic and religious pilgrimage centre.

Aksum Centre of the ancient Aksumite Empire, Aksum is situated at an altitude of almost 2,200 metres, at the base of Adwa Mountains. It is believed that the Tables of Stone on which the Ten Commandments are written lie in the Ark of the Covenant, housed by the Church of Our Lady Mary from Zion.

Lake Tana Source of the Blue Nile, Lake Tana is the biggest lake from Ethiopia. You must visit this lake as it is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – this title states its enormous cultural and natural importance for human kind.

Itinerary ideas

Off the beaten track
  • Once you arrived in Ethiopia, makes some time to drink a steamy cup of local coffee
  • Participate in the Saturday market from Gondar where all the people come together. Kidame Gebeya brings together all sorts of products, and it is a wonder to discover it
  • Visit Harar’s old walled town that resembles a fortress and expects you to take some time to decipher its mysteries.
  • Already in Aksum? Visit Queen Saba’s Palace and get lost in Biblic aura stories.

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