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About Us

About Eturia

One thing that can be said about Eturia: by excellence is a wonderful travel designer and the first travel agency in Romania who providing tailor made services that allow you to discover the diversity of the world according your own desires. Certainly, we could say that Eturia is the team that works for you out of passion, but it’s more than that.
Eturia is the agency that knows that we can reach the destination only together: together with the client as a team, and this is not just a statement but is a commitment to each of our tourists.

Why Us

Eturia is the travel agency that is next to you at every step of your vacation. From the first holiday thoughts, to the end of it, step by step, until the moment you return home, the Eturia team supports you with everything you need to fulfill your dream vacation.

Moreover, each member of the team communicates with the passionate customer about the place where he chooses to travel. And this will be seen from each interaction.

The entire package of Eturia there is above all, coustomer care for the tourist and his wishes, as well as the certainty to feel comfortable from the very first moment that he has chosen Eturia.

If what you want is a personalized vacation, a plan of your own, our consultants are specialists on the geographical region they represent, being able to offer you an experience just for you.

And everything starts from booking. A single consultant will handle your personalized journey so that you feel like you are never alone.

Maybe you do not have a fixed departure, maybe you still do not know the destination yet, Eturia’s experts and agency’s portfolio will always be your source of inspiration.