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Exotic Holidays & Vacation Packages | Tailor Made | Eturia UK
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Our mission is to show you that all the places you’ve dreamed about really exist… and to take you there.

98% of our clients recommend us

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…and all of this, because Eturia is the embodiment of a passion: passion to travel, to discover, to know peoples, different places and certainly new cultures. The same passion and enthuziasm it wore Daniela and Sorin – the two founders of Eturia travel company, around of entire world: starting exotic Asia to modern America and also Europe’s cosmopolitan cities to Africa’s savage savannahs. Curiosity can be start point to wonderful stories, but Eturia is start point for an excellent journeys.

Time to discover!

You have to focus only on these things: your holiday, your dreams, and your curiosities. For you to have all the time in the world, a team of experts will be planning your holiday. From the moment you request a tailor-made holiday, until the moment you come back, we want you to be genuinely happy.

With passion, for you

We know your holiday starts with you dreaming, so…
We design your holiday by tailoring your desires and dreams.
We share with you our own experiences and…
We show you, step by step, the most interesting places on Earth.

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We’re bringing the whole world, ahead of yours desires.
Maldives, Thailand, Japan or China – it doesn’t matter, all of your dreams, will whet us to design an excellent journey.
Give a name to your wishes, and we already suggested where you’ll can drink a steamy cup of coffee, that it will which brightens your day.

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Why Travel With Eturia?


You pick every detail about your holiday: destination, time to travel, hotels, and attractions. You name it, we make it real.


From guides tips to airport taxes and complex insurances, everything is covered and included in the tariff.


Relax holidays or adventure expeditions, we have it all. The choice is all yours.


Our Travel Consultants possess all the know-how in order to make your holiday a dream come true. Also, we provide a 24/7 emergency line. You are safe with us.