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With an almost triangular shape, Mauritius is a spectacular combination of brilliant sandy beaches and steep mountains of volcanic origin, crystalline oceanic waters and volcanic lakes. A quote from Mark Twain’s Following the Equator says “it was Mauritius first and then heaven.” And we couldn’t agree better.


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    Fast Facts

    Name: Republic of Mauritius

    Capital: Port Louis

    Location: Southern coast of Africa, island in the Indian Ocean, about 800 km east of Madagascar

    Currency: Mauritian Rupiah – MUR

    Main towns: Beau Bassin, Vacoas, Curepipe, Quatre Bornes, Triolet, Goodlands, Centre de Flacq, Mahébourg

    Timezone: UTC +4

    Tipping: Tipping in Mauritius is discretionary. At hotels, government taxes (about 12%) are added to all hotel bills and are included in the basic price.

    For porters/bell boys who help carry your luggage, you should tip them a few rupees (100 MUR) per bag and for housekeeping about 100 rupees every few days is a sufficient tip. You should tip staff that have been particularly attentive, such as waiters/waitresses and housekeeping. The best option is to find out the hotel policy, as some encourage using the common tip box. Tour guides should receive a tip that is at least 10% of the total cost of the tour. You should tip drivers half the amount that you tip the guide. Taxi fares are usually negotiated in advance. If the driver has been particularly informative or helpful, a tip of 100 – 200 rupees will show your appreciation.

    Voltage: Network parameters: 230 V / 50 Hz C, G socket is used, you need adapters.

    Why visit Mauritius

    Mauritius Island is located in the Southwestern Indian Ocean and is part of the Mascarene Islands. It was discovered in 1507 by the Portuguese Pedro Mascarenhas, and in 1598 it became a Dutch colony, being named Mauritius after the prince Mauricius de Orania. Mauritius is a gem of the Indian Ocean, you should consider visiting if you want to relax in a place that resembles Paradise.

    Must see & do:

    • Indulge yourself in the exotic beaches, sea, national parks, spectacular nature
    • Relax at the luxury resorts, suitable both for couples and families
    • Practice water sports: diving, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, kitesurfing

    When to visit Mauritius


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    Popular Mauritius attractions

    Places to visit
    North Coast
    East Coast
    West Coast
    South Coast
    Inland - Central Plateau

    Mauritius North Coast The North coast is home to the longest village in Mauritius. Shivala Triolet offers visitors the opportunity to visit the largest Hindu temple, Maheswarnath, built in 1819 in honor of the Krishna, Vishnu, Muruga, Brahma and Ganesha gods. In Labourdonnais Meadows you will discover a wide variety of exotic fruits, colorful and fragrant tropical flowers. Here you can enjoy mountain excursions and mountain biking tours.

    Mauritius East Coast Arriving in the Eastern Coast of the island, you can visit Flacq Market, one of the most important villages in Mauritius. Here is the meeting place of the Eastern inhabitants. The extremely picturesque market attracts not only locals, but also tourists from all over the world. The important Waterpark Leisure Village (Aqua Park) is another attraction of the area, where you can have fun with family and friends on huge water slides, and relaxation and fun are guaranteed. Tempted?

    Casela Ornithological Park Located in the Riviere Noire district, West Coast, the Casela Ornithological Park covers more than 25 ha and is populated by more than 140 bird species from all continents. Other attractions are tigers, turtles, monkeys, deer and orchids. There is also a wonderful playground for children. Maybe here you can’t find the largest collection of large animals, but this place certainly has a lot to offer: tourists can admire deer herds closely, for instance.

    South Coast Here you can see the sites of the first Dutch fortifications, La Vieux Grand Port. Archaeological excavations have brought to light some of the history of these places. Ile aux Aigrettes is perfect for flora and fauna lovers, due to remarkable work done by Mauritius Wildlife Fund Island. It has become an international standard for protecting natural resources and endangered species.

    Mauritius Central Plateau Eureka (a location whose documentary attestation dates back from 1830) must be visited during your stay in Mauritius if you want to taste the traditional tropical jam. Add a tour of colonial houses, where you have the opportunity to buy local textiles. A tour of the gardens will delight you with the beauty of the waterfalls. Lake Ganga Talao – Grand Bassin is one of the two natural lakes in Mauritius; it was formed in the crater of an extinct volcano.

    Itinerary ideas

    Off the beaten track
    • Visit the largest Hindu temple, Maheswarnath
    • Visit Flacq Market, one of the most important villages in Mauritius
    • Have fun with family and friends in Waterpark Leisure Village
    • Admire the colorful and fragrant exotic flowers in Labourdonnais Meadows

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