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Famous for the Carnival of Rio, Samba, the Amazon river, football and coffee, Brazil offers a unique landscape and cultural diversity, covering almost half of the South American continent. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, its capital, Rio de Janeiro is located in a privileged region, where green mountains seem to merge with the sea, creating a landscape that you will not be able to forget.


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    Fast Facts

    • Name: The Federal Republic of Brazil
    • Capital: Brasilia
    • Location: East of South America, at the Atlantic Ocean
    • Currency: real – BRL
    • Timezone: UTC -2 to -5

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    Why visit Brazil

    The image of Christ-Savior’s statue, with His open arms towards the sky, placed on Mount Corcovado, is the symbol of Brazil, a statue built to honor God’s peace. It was recently included among the seven wonders of the modern world. Cariocas, as they are called residents of Rio, have created a festival to celebrate the splendor and beauty of nature: Carnival of Rio.

    Must see:

    • The natural Wonders: Amazon Basin, Pantanal, Chapada Diamantina, Iguassu Falls
    • The exotic beaches of Salvador de Bahia, Paraty, Ilha Grande
    • The colonial cities: Lencois or Ouro Preto
    • Over 8,000 km of coastfor exploring the cafes and beaches, with wonderful golden sands and a generous marine life
    • Tropical forests of an accentuated biodiversity

    When to visit Brazil



    Popular Brazil attractions

    Places to visit
    The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro
    São Paulo

    New York, USA

    Started in 1723 and is eagerly awaited every year. National celebrities always join the parade, and world personalities come every year to see the show. Carnival in Rio is more than just a party, it’s a tradition. People spend all year organizing and designing fantasy and allegorical costumes. The biggest attraction of the Carnival in Rio is the Samba School Parade, each neighborhood having a Samba School. In Rio, every person is the cheering fan of a Samba school in the same way as they cheer football teams. It’s a passion that tourists need to feel, as to understand it.

    Located in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro between Leblon and Arpoador, Ipanema is a well-known neighborhood and a famous beach of Brazil. Becoming well-known after the bosanova rhythm of Garota Ipanema (Ipanema Girl), the area has another well-known beach – Copacabana. On Sundays, the boulevard in the shore area is closed for car traffic, becoming sovereign cyclists, skaters and skateboarders.

    São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and the seventh metropolitan area in the world. The name comes from the spiritual patron of the city, St. Paul. The city exerts a strong influence on Brazil’s commercial and financial life, but also on cultural life. São Paulo’s famous attractions include the Paulista do Ipiranga Museum, the Metropolitan Sé Cathedral, the Art Museum, Bandeirantes Monument, Ibirapuera Park, and Estaiada Bridge. Paulista Boulevard is the financial center of South America.

    The name comes from the Guarani Indians dialect and means wonderful waters. Situated at the border between Brazil and Argentina, the 275 waterfalls have a length of nearly 2 km and fall from a height of nearly one hundred meters. It’s a must see natural attractions, we guarantee you won’t forget.

    Amazon is for everyone the image of adventure and mystery. The largest and most unexplored jungle crossed by the largest river in the world, the Amazon is an exact definition of the exoticism. More than one-third of the Earth’s flora and fauna species live in the Amazon basin, spanning an area of 5.4 million km². The river hosts over 3,000 known species of fish, increasing from year to year.

    Itinerary ideas

    Off the beaten track
    • Churrascaria Palace - unique gastronomic experience
    • Enter St. Sebastian Cathedral - the stained glass windows are wonderful
    • Garcia D'Avila Castle, Praia de Forte - The first large-scale portuguese construction in Brazil
    • Plataforma - you will feel like on the Sambadrome
    • Restaurant Uaua, Salvador - serve the finest moqueca de peixe
    • Experience a cooking course in Rio - you will definitely like it
    • Participate in a show of samba and capoeira, - the costumes are fascinating

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