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The Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, hidden in the heart of the Himalayan Mountains, between India and Tibet, is an exciting realm with snowy heights and loads of greenery, unprecedented forests and crystalline springs, ecosystems of great diversity that are excellently protected. For centuries, Bhutan has been a mystic country because foreign visitors have been banned. A low-populated country, this northerly nation is one of the states in which Buddhism Mahayana has flourished, a land that offers travellers a rare opportunity to discover the richness of nature and the simplicity of life among warm and friendly people

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    Fast Facts

    Name: Kingdom of Bhutan

    Capital: Thimphu

    Location: South Asian state between China and India

    Currency: Ngultrum – BTN

    Timezone: UTC +6

    Tipping: [In the US, tipping is recommended in restaurants and bars or when using the taxi. Usually it is customary to leave about 15% of the order value.]

    Voltage: [In the United States, the 110 V socket is used, so we recommend that you have adapters.]

    Why visit Bhutan

    The spiritual atmosphere is omnipotent even in urban centres where the spinning of prayer wheels, the mantra murmur and the shining of the lamps of worship are still aspects present in everyday life. Bhutan’s sites and religious sites are not just museums but places of spiritual communion of the Bhutanese. When travelling here, visit the following attractions:

    • Ta Dzong
    • Thimpu
    • Paro
    • Taktshang Monastery
    • Drukgyel Dzong

    When to visit Bhutan



    Popular Bhutan attractions

    Places to visit
    Ta Dzong
    Drukgyel Dzong

    New York, USA

    Here, you will cross the Dochu-la Pass, situated at an altitude of 3.088 m. Here, at the highest point, you will meet a beautiful stupa, called Chorten by the locals. On the serene days, from this point you can see the highest Bhutanese mountain peaks.

    A top attraction in Thimphu isTrashi Chhoe Fortress, located on the bank of the Wang Chhu River. Its architecture is a mix of secular and religious constructive elements. The original construction was built in the 13th century by Lama Gyalwa Lhanangpa’s care called the Blue Stone Fortress.

    Ta Dzong is a defensive fortress, nowadays sheltering the Bhutan National Museum. Here you can see art collections, various artifacts, and philatelic collections.

    In Paro you can visit the famous Bhutanan Taktshang Lakhang (Tiger’s Nest) monastery, found on a cliff above the Paro Valley. After the 1998 fire, the monastery was completely restored.

    Drukgyel Dzong is considered one of the most beautiful and famous archaeological sites in Bhutan. Fort Drukgyel Dzong served as a defensive point in the region from 1649 until 1951 when it was destroyed by a fire. The Dzong site is a symbol of the great events of this country’s history.

    Itinerary ideas

    Off the beaten track
    • In Thimpu, you can admire the gigantic statue of Buddha, whose construction was completed on 25 September 2015 in honour of the 60th anniversary of King Jigme Singye Wangchuck.
    • In Punakha Dzong you can visit the main residence of the Bhutan Monastic Authority
    • Visit Taschichho Dzong, the main building of the secretariat, hosting the throne room, the summer residence of the monks, a painting school and a library where there is a large collection of old Buddhist manuscripts.

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